Happy New Year!

It’s a beautiful {and cold} New Year’s Day morning in Japan. What a great way to start 2015 by waking up early, working out, and having breakfast and coffee all before sunrise! I’ve never been one for New Year’s Resolutions but this year it seems appropriate. I’ve been through so many changes since being in Japan most of them have been in 2014. Change is never easy but it makes us stronger. Especially in last few months I have stepped out of my comfort zone by starting a blog, becoming a Beachbody Coach, and sharing my life on Instagram almost daily! So for 2015 I want to keep changing, keep pushing, keep growing stronger everyday, mentally, physically, emotionally… you name it! For so long I was just stuck. I blamed my unhappiness on my circumstances rather than taking action and changing how I handled those circumstances. I had to CHOOSE to be happy. I’ve learned that you can’t control everything and when things don’t go the way you hoped those are the times that you need to run to God and put your hope in Him. He may be using your circumstances to grow you and prepare you for something great! So for my New Year’s Resolution I want to just remember to live in the moment. Take each day one at a time and just realize no matter what may come I am blessed beyond measure. Here’s to 2015 and making it my best year yet!Β Happy New Year!



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