Change Makes Us Stronger

The before picture was taken about 1.5 years ago. There’s a difference of about 15-20 pounds but I still have a long way to go. This transformation is more than just physical. I have battled not only my weight but adjustment disorder as well. My adjustment disorder started shortly after moving to Japan over 5 years ago. I experienced culture shock that never really went away. For years I experienced feelings of depression (a symptom of adjustment disorder, not diagnosed clinical depression). I remember when it started. I stopped smiling and laughing. When I did laugh or smile, it was only for show. Then came the tears… Endless amounts of tears. When crying wasn’t enough to release my pain, I started to turn to food for comfort. Nothing I did would take away the pain I felt from being away from everyone and everything I knew and loved. I did not feel comfortable, not even in my own house. Even though I was with my husband, to me, I did not have a home and I did not belong in Japan. I felt alone, isolated, and hopeless. It has been the darkest time of my life.

During my time in Japan, I also had two baby boys. Pregnancy and breastfeeding certainly had their own demands and effects on my body. After being in Japan for 4 years and with 2 left to go I finally sought help. That is when things slowly started improving for me. I started feeling more like myself and in time I started loving myself again. I started to care about my body and the food I put in it. Then I started adding in exercise, some of which were Beachbody programs. I found out that I love lifting because of ChaLEAN Extreme and developed a love-hate relationship with Shaun T because of Insanity. Then came 21 Day Fix and Les Mills Pump and Combat! I fell in love with working out again and though I have still have a long way to go, I have lost 20 pounds from my highest non-pregnancy weight so far and I’m proud of myself. I’m pursuing a healthy lifestyle and now I am a better wife, mom, and a better ME because of it!

Don’t be afraid to change. Change and the ability to accept change AND even pursue change is what makes us stronger!


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