Review & Results from my First Round of 21 Day Fix


A few days ago I finished my first round of 21 Day Fix. Let me tell you, those 21 days went by SOOO FAST! So let’s start out with the good stuff: MY RESULTS!

In 3 weeks I lost 5.2 pounds and 8.5 inches off my body!

Honestly, I was a little down that I didn’t lose more weight but when I added up the inches lost, I was really excited. I tend to put on muscle really easily, so as long as fat is being replaced with muscle, I’m happy! Remember the most important results are the non-scale victories! The scale does not measure success. Remember that when you lose weight you want to keep or gain muscle while losing fat. The number on the scale does not take into account how much muscle you have, what time of the month it is (Hello, water retention and bloat!), it just shows your overall weight. That is why non-scale victories are the most important victories. How do you feel? How are your clothes fitting? Are your muscles showing more definition? Has your skin cleared up? Do you have less cravings?

My non-scale victories completely trump how many pounds I lost! After 21 days I am more flexible, my abdominal separation from my two pregnancies has shrunk significantly, I feel stronger and more energetic, and happier! My face, thighs, arms, and belly are noticeably slimmer. My calves and quadriceps are more defined. My flat-as-a-pancake bum is starting to round out (YAY!). I actually feel off if I don’t workout for a day or two. And of course another non-scale victory is losing inches.

Here’s the breakdown of the inches I lost after 21 days:
Chest: -2″
R Arm: -1″
L Arm: -1″
Waist: -1″
Hips: -1″
R Thigh: -1″
L Thigh: -1.5″


Now for my REVIEW: It takes 3 weeks to make or break a habit. That’s the main goal of 21 Day Fix. Between the simple, daily 30 minute workouts and the nutrition guide based on portion-control, 21 Day Fix provides everything you need to break some bad habits and make some good habits. After my experience I can honestly say that I LOVE this program. Because there is a different workout everyday I didn’t get bored. I enjoyed the workouts and even when I didn’t feel like doing them, I would tell myself that it is only 30 minutes. If I can spend more than 30 minutes to watch my favorite show I don’t have any excuse to not workout for 30 minutes. There are 24 hours in a day, and for most of us we are awake for at least 16 of those hours. If we only count those 16 awake hours, 30 minutes is only 3% of our day. The nutrition guide can be a little confusing at first but once you figure it out, it’s simpler than it seems. There is a formula based on your body weight to help you find your personal caloric needs. From there you fall into a calorie category that allows a certain number of each of your colored containers. Planning is the key to success, once you find out how many containers you get each day, I suggest meal planning for the week. Plan out your meals and snacks, shop, then prepare and pack them. Having your food ready for yourself gives you less of an excuse to not eat the right foods.

It’s only 3 weeks. See how much you can do and how much you can change in just 3 short weeks. If 3 weeks is all it takes to start your journey to a healthier you, would you do it?

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A Nice, Little Thanksgiving Rant

I am so grateful to have an amazing family! A man who loves me, two boys who adore me! What more can I ask for? I am so blessed and so unbelievably grateful to be able to stay at home and take care of those I love most. Why does society put so little value in being a homemaker. What is more valuable than family? Why do people think to be successful you need to have a job, earn lots of money or drive a flashy car or wear designer clothes? What makes those things more “valuable” than staying at home wearing ugly house slippers and workout pants with toys strewn all across the floors?

As silly as it sounds I love those things! I love that I get to stay home to play with my boys and know that they are safe with me rather than a stranger. I love that I get to slip off my ugly (but cozy) slippers and do a workout in my own living room. I love that I get to cook for my family to make sure they are eating healthy, nutritious meals. I love that I get to greet (and smooch!) my husband at the door when he comes home from a long day at work.

Please don’t get me wrong. In no way am I trying to say that if you are a working mother, that you are doing something wrong. Every mother and every situation is different. I am not judging or saying what I am doing is what every woman should do. I just want to say that I am thankful for what I have been given and what I get to do for my family. Trust me on this, I still have my fair share of rough days! Days that I don’t feel so grateful. Days that make me want to breakdown and cry or scream. Days that I wish I wasn’t stuck at home. But I have MORE days that I know that I am blessed to be able to stay home for my family.

I am so thankful to God for blessing me so bountifully! Live a grateful life. Though this is a holiday of thanksgiving let us be thankful each and every day!

Happy Thanksgiving!